15 Years TOB Celebration, October 21 2015

This evening was filled with anticipation, energy and laughter.

Photos by Juliette Fong, Video by Sabine Schmelzer

Sandra van de Cauter lead us through the evening as master of ceremony with her world class humor and efficiency.

As the guest of honor, Lorraine Rytz, who was one of the committee members at the very early age of ToB, shared stories and facts of the growing path of our club.

Janene Liston, 1st place winner in the District 59 Fall 2012 English Humorous Speech Contest, entertained us with her speech “Caveman Two Point Ugh!” The impeccable performance sparked the admiration and inspiration among both members and guests. Then the climax was prolonged further by the seriously funny evaluation given by Cindy Piccolo.

The table topics, organized by Celia Rohland and assisted by Rafael Arranz, focused around a potpourri of unusual words and bizarre combinations. The 5 table topic speakers Miao Gerhard, Winfried Stumpf, Vincent Jaquet, Caroline de Stexhe and Ralf Dümpelmann delighted the audience with great humor and overflowing imagination.

Sabine Schmelzer concluded the evening by guiding us through some group experiences which were both surprisingly revealing and fun to be part of. Members of our club come from over 25 countries, and their interests and hobbies are just as many and various.

Our president Miao Gerhard closed the ceremony with hearty thanks to everyone who made this event memorable, exciting and uplifting. She cheered everybody up to the food session: the international buffet from our members!

Comments from the president Miao Gerhard:

“The past 15 years have witnessed the birth and growth of this club. The past 15 years have formed the spirit of this club, which makes this club so special. The pride. The friendship. The passion. This club has reached so many milestones and now it’s up to us to turn it into a legend. Do you want to be part of it? So come and join us!”



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