How is our club organized within Toastmasters International?

The Toastmasters of Basel Club (Club Number: 5813, Charter Date May 1, 2000) belongs to

District 59 (Continental Europe including France, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy and Spain)

Divisions within Switzerland


  • Division E (Zurich and Winterthur)
  • Division I  (Basel, Bern, Luzern, Zug)
  • Division J (Geneva, Nyon, Lausanne)

Areas of Division I

  • Area I01 Basel (Toastmasters of Basel, Rhetorik Klub Basel, Abbot Swiss Toastmasters)
  • Area I02 Basel (Multilingual Toastmasters of the University of Basel, Basel International Speakers, Novartis Basel Toastmasters)
  • Area I03 (Bern Toastmasters Club, Rhetorik Club Bern, Toastmasters Luzern, TM International Club Zug)