• Toastmasters of Basel Christmas 2017

Final meeting 2107 with impromptu Christmas play

For the last meeting of this year we had prepared something special. Sabine had organized an impromptu Christmas play instead of the table topics.

Creating a Christmas Scene impromptu

Like in a theatre, the scene was build step by step by adding all the objects and roles that you need for a Christmas scene. This was the perfect time to practice impromptu body language in each role:

The Christmas tree, the chimney with the socks, children playing under the Christmas tree and their mother. This was the inside scene.

For the outside scene our fellow members played the trees, weighing in the wind and the rising moon. Then Santa Claus appeared on scene with the red nose reindeers pulling the sleigh from the Northpole to Basel. This year he was supported by his wife Santa Claudia because of the big workload and because of emancipation.

Everyone was equipped with the corresponding props (see photo). It was a wonderful scene and every person was included. We had a lot of fun.

International Buffet to celebrate

After this special Christmas play we celebrated with a tasty and diverse buffet that ranged from Motoi’s delicious sushi, spanish tortilla, guacamole to ‘Lachs-Br├Âtli’, salads, cakes and champagne, all contributed by our members. This year ended in a really festive and funny way.

We wish a Merry Christmas to all those who could not celebrate with us and look forward to a seeing you next year.

Toastmaster Basel Christmas 2017

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