Workshop: How to write an anecdotal story

After 3 months’ preparation and hard work, the organizing team Juliette, Judit and Miao are very happy to witness a fruitful event that they created out of nothing on 2nd December 2017. “How to write an anecdotal story?” After the workshop, everything seemed simpler and easier.
The 24 participants (21 from 5 different clubs and 3 external) were enthusiastic about the techniques they learned throughout the 3 hours. Now they are ready to write their story.
Here are some of the anonymous comments:
“I enjoyed the workshop. Great mix of presentation, group work and discussion!”
“Good use of example (video/speech) to help us bring principle to life.”
“Great content! Very motivational and inspiring.”
“This is definitely helping me for my personal growth in building a story.”
“Too short.”
“I did like the professional set up: the great room and hospitality.”
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